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Metal Enclosures ( Note: It is Metal Box only)

Bigger Metal Box for BH-USB-Xbox360-PS3-PC-Big_Cash_box or  BH-HDMI-Xbox360-PS3-PC-Big_Cash_box  1.  Bigger Metal Cash Box for model BH-USB-XBox360-PS3-PC_Big_Cash_Box and model BH-HDMI-XBox360-PS3-PC_Big_Cash_Box 2. It is about 13 1/4" X 11 3/4" X  10"  (340mm X 290mm X250mm) (Height X Width X Depth) The new slime version of XBOX 360 or XBOX ONE  or PS3(or PS4) can be put inside this cash box 3. Note: It only fit the new slim version of XBOX 360 or XBOX ONE  or PS3, the old large model may not be able to put inside Ship to USA or Canada   1 unit US$150 plus  US$75 for 3-6 business days shipping guaranteed for Canadian Customer please add extra US$30 shipping cost for each additional unit Canada Customer can pay by Canadian
 Ship to  International outside of USA and Canada more detail1 unit US$150 plus shipping & handing (6-10 business day US$175  ) (4-6week shipping US$110)please add extra U$125 shipping cost for each additional unit. for most country, however some country may be more expensive shipping cost.  Please email us your address for accurate shipping cost to
Metal Box for BH-USB-Xbox360-PS3-PS4-Xbox One or BH-HDMI-xbox360-Xbox-ONE-PS3-PS4 1.  Normal Metal Cash Box for model BH-USB-XBox360-PS3-PC and model BH-HDMI-XBox360-PS3-PC 2. The metal box is  about 11" X 5" X  4 3/4"  (280mm X 130mm X120mm) (Height X Depth X Width) Ship to USA or Canada
US$100  plus US$55 shipping handling (3-8 business days) Please add extra $28 for additional unit
Ship to  International outside of USA and Canada
US$100 plus  US$119 shipping handling fee. (5-10 business days), please add extra $60 for each additional unit
Terms and Conditions: All products have 1 year warrant for repairing or exchange only. All products are custom made and with no return for refund policy. .